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about @nerdvana.coffee+shop

You don’t need to be a nerd to enjoy the @nerdvana.coffee + shop.

Trust that nerds care empirically about quality.

The nerds @nerdvana have done the work. They’ve figured it out so you don’t have to.

nerds know coffee

@nerdvana coffee is brewed fresh from the best locally roasted, single origin beans from Central and South America.

nerds know tea

@nerdvana teas are chosen from small, family owned farms and exotic larger plantations growing exceptional specialty teas from China, India and Japan.

nerds know food

@nerdvana features freshly made pastries, delicious housemade paninis, wraps, salads, and assorted snacks.

@nerdvana board games and shop

nerds know board games

@nerdvana featured board games are available free-to-play from the lending library or you can buy from our shop to add to your own game library.

nerds know great partners

@nerdvana has partnered with some of the most widely respected companies to deliver only the finest products, services, and experiences to our customers.

@nerdvana.coffee+shop hours:

monday – friday : 7am – 9pm   |    saturday – sunday : 8am – 9pm